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Masaito Homes : Xenaville Subdivision For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Bailey - Single Attached ₱ 0 Lot Area : 88 sqm / Floor Area : 72.06 sqm
Charlene - Single Attached ₱ 0 LA: 77 sqm / FA: 61.51 sqm
Felicity - Single Attached ₱ 0 LA: 66 sqm / FA: 49 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Bank Financing
Reservation: Php 10,000
Downpayment: Payable in 18 Months
Balance: Payable up to 20 years

XENAVILLE Subdivision is truly a testament to MAISATO’s mission of uplifting the quality of lives of homeowners with sustainable  communities that build value.  As their company vision also embodies being a  “community builder of choice” that is recognized for their passion in creating  beneficial partnerships and happy homeowners  rings true if you’ve seen tis subdivision and the rest of their developments. 

As you work hard for your family –  you think of the future you would want for them, especially your kids. You toil hard and ultimately, rewards will be reaped beautifully in the end. A home that’s so warm, homely and cozy within a city bustling with infinite possibilities is the first step. As you decide to own one of those homes here in XENAVILLE – you can be assured that your family is safe, secure and protected. Their lives will be balanced out with the amenities and facilities around the community. A welcoming and refreshing sight of big trees, green bushes and colorful blooms will make living day by day worthwhile.   Conveniences are also part and parcel of their daily lives – in this part of Cavite, everything is just within reach. No need to go out of your way to the big city just to have what you want. There is a time for everything here – work, play and most of all, family time. 

Owning a home here is a wise, judicious investment that’s worthy of all your hard earned money and savings. Because at XENAVILLE – the homeowners are prioritized, the quality of homes are remarkable and best of all, affordable. What more can you ask for?

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